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Welcome to the Greater Norristown Area Ministerium

The Greater Norristown Area Ministerium is a union of clergy and congregations, which serve the community of Norristown, Pennsylvania, by promoting and advancing the Kingdom of God. We seek to emphasize the unity of our faith unto the Lordship of Jesus Christ, through the proclamation of His redeeming and Liberating Gospel.

As an association of congregations, we coordinate worship services for holy and special days, which include, but are not limited to, Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Martin Luther King Day. Moreover, it is the purpose of the Ministerium to facilitate greater cooperation and fellowship of schedule and support of Christian fellowship.

As an association of clergy our functions are various. It shall act and serve as a forum for the discussion and resolution of issues concerning the Norristown community. It shall initiate programs, which will edify the community. The association will seek to improve the professional skills of its members through regular study and consultation.  It shall provide fellowship and the strength of Christian association of its members, especially new clergy in the area.

Membership in the Ministerium indicates a willingness to pastor and the congregation to participate in the joint programs of the association

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